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MoonStar Kids provides all the needs of the mother and baby from the 6th month to the age of 14; is a website and store company establishment that serves you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with quality products, friendly staff, high service standards, affordable prices, expert knowledge and after-sales support.

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  • We carry out a work that has proven the continuity and reliability of our products, which we have determined according to the demands of our customers, and which complies with our general philosophy and principles. We use the most up-to-date technologies to manage our organization in the healthiest way and to take the right decisions on time.

  • In order for you, our valued customers, to get to know the MoonStar Family better and to take a look at our product range, simply click on the link of our Product catalog and Company promotion video below. As MoonStar Kids, we offer quality and trend-following products for girls to our valued customers at the most affordable prices and high service standards. We produce with

  • As a company that has achieved all the goals we have set in the past, we continue to work uninterruptedly to achieve our goals of ensuring that our products are preferred not only in Europe but also in all continents and to be the first name that comes to mind in its own sector. Best regards, MoonStar Kids